Single or Twin engine helicopters

The choice of hiring a single or twin engine helicopter will primarily depend on your particular requirements;

  • For instance, if you wanted to land at a place which is surrounded by trees, large pylons, other obstacles or within a built up area, then you would need to use a twin engine helicopter, as the law requires that the helicopter must meet a certain performance criteria in the event of an emergency during the take off and landing phases of the flight
  • If however, your chosen landing site is a wide open space, with no major obstacles and not within a built up area, then you could opt to use a single engine helicopter.
  • One caveat is; for commercial flights, single engine helicopters are not permitted to fly at night, therefore if there is any chance part of your flight will be at night, then you would need to use a twin engine helicopter.
  • Twin engine helicopters are usually bigger, faster and in most cases quieter due to having better sound proofing. However, a single engine helicopter is still a very versatile and cheaper to hire as opposed to the twin engine options.
  • Landing sites; generally speaking; in the majority of cases, you can land anywhere that is suitable for the type of helicopter you are using and you have the landowners permission. Thus making a helicopter the ideal mode of transport for getting to those hard to reach places in the shortest time possible.

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